About Us

Opportunities come when you are least expecting them. My journey as the owner of Pumpernickel and Wry began with a few simple handmade gifts, given to great friends whom encouraged me to take the next step. The seeds to Pumpernickel and Wry were planted.

Growing up on a farm I have had experience in all kinds of work, woodwork, metal work, and simply - hard work. Added to that, I am an artist, a crafter, a sewer, a painter, and a fixer - constantly busy.

I considered the possibility of stamping onto the silver flatware I see so often sitting on the antique store shelves. I am drawn to the abundance of silver items that can be found here: silver flatware, teapots, trays, serving pieces, and much more. Silver has an amazing shine and patina. I appreciate time worn vintage pieces; the imperfect item which I can give new life too. My craft is in a sense recycling. None of the flatware pieces I use are brand new. They all had a previous life, decades ago, when sitting collectively at the dinner table was commonplace. I often wonder about what life was like in the home with each set of silverware I find.

I take pleasure in creating beautiful hand stamped time worn pieces: tradition starters - the set of "gravy, turkey, stuffing, and potatoes" stamped silver for holiday, the "Stir Crazy" spoon used each morning to add a little love to your morning cup of coffee, A simple "olive you" fork given to someone special. Charming and striking pieces that make beautiful gifts for just about anyone, any time of year, and new traditions for your family and friends.

Every item in my shop is handmade by me through the entire process: found, cleaned, produced, and packaged. I truly handle every single piece that enters my workshop, and deliver every package to the post office. Every item is a labor of love.

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